I still have this picture in my mind: lying in bed, in Tokyo, looking at the ceiling, feeling extremely sad and tired…
(that was my CS host, Ichiro)
I: Morning! What’s your schedule for today?
Me: …..to be honest I’d love to stay exactly where I am now…and…that’s it.
And so I did. Lying there, looking at the ceiling and dreaming of the moment when I’ll visit my grandma and hide between her quilts.

I thought I was done.
Done with travels.
Done with nomadic life.
Well – I was wrong 😀

I’m here now: in a small town, where streets are lovely but absolutely empty. Where NOTHING is going on and the best plan for the evening is watching a telly or doing groceries. It’s my second day here and I’m all good. Not only because I enjoy the small town vibe, not because I can finally spend some time with my grandma who means the world to me, but because I already booked the next journey.

Now is the time for organising, moving the finger (cursor) on the map, biting poor nails while booking next adventures and trying to figure out WHEN, HOW and WHY to get there -to both of Americas.
And I’m gonna do it – as a solo traveller, a girl, still working remotely – so excited!

Sitting here with my grandma, looking back at the last 9 months – my travel baby 🙂
We’re talking about the stories that happened, about the things that changed.

Grandma: And when you look at the map, what do you feel? Like “wow, I’ve been there”?
Me: I think rather like “wow, I still haven’t been there and there, and there…”

?#?GirlPower?! ?
/photos set vol. 1/

Brighton, UK, 7th September 2015

London, Regent’s Park 24th September 2015

Qatar, Doha, 4th October 2015

Doha, Corniche, 4th October 2015

Doha money, 5th October 2015

Doha, 10th October 2015

Sri Lanka, Colombo, 11th October 2015

Sri Lanka, Galle, 18th October 2015

Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa Beach, 18th October 2015


Thailand, Bangkok, 25th October 2015

Laos, Luang Prabang, Kuang Si Waterfall 3th November 2015

Laos, 4000 Islands, Don Det, 6th November 2015

Laos, 4000 Islands, Don Det, 6th November 2015 (sailing to ATM)

Cambodia, Siem Reap 15th November 2015

India, Delhi, Jami Masjid, 20th November 2015

India, Delhi, 21th November 2015

India, Delhi, 21th November 2015

India, Varanasi, 21th November 2015

And then I came back for Christmas, to my Grandma.

But it was not the end – but the very beginning 🙂 8th January 2016