Even more homeless


Couchsurfing is a wonderful thing, without any doubts. Although you must realise, that it tears you out of the sweet haze of feeling secure. In my case, my host’s friend who was willing to offer me a place to stay suddenly changed his mind. A day before.

Luckily NYC is full of people who want to host you….for many reasons.


Couch-surfing or fuck-surfing, that is the question.


<Once again: no names and no judgment at all.>
Feeling lost more than Anouk in her song I decided to try my luck and message people who agreed to host me more than a year ago (when going to New York or anywhere else seemed to me less possible than being killed by the engine accidentally detached from a plane). Of course, I didn’t go then. Too scared, too….too everything. But a brand new me didn’t see any obstacles.


A sigh of relief, they both said yes.
On Thursday morning, I dragged my sleepy corpses out of bed before 5 am, just to go to the Brooklyn Bridge. Naive me was hoping it’s gonna be empty, and I’ll be able to take some marvellous pictures during the sunrise. I’ve never been so wrong in my life. WILD HORDES OF PEOPLE RUSHING FOR THE MORNING RUN! Just go being fit, awesome and healthy somewhere else.
After an hour or so of doing my best and not necessarily succeeding I made my way back home
start the operation “Moving Zebra”.



“Yes, but not naked”


Wearing my lovely “caviar&cocaine” t-shirt, I knocked on the door and there he was. Nice, smiling, friendly guy in his awesome apartment. We had just a piece of conversation long enough, though, to establish, that I was going out, but would be back with a bottle of dry red by 8 pm. Classy. Sorted.

<a few hours later>
Walking down the hallway I could already hear the music, somebody opened the door for me and I found myself in a living room full of people. I didn’t have the slightest recognition who were those people and what were they doing there (having fun, of course, that’s beyond any questioning). I put the wine on the table and suddenly felt a gentle slap on my bum.
– So, I guess tonight you sleep on the sofa.
That was my host.
“Well… what the fuck?!?” –  I thought (because I always think like a lady) but I decided not to pay too much attention to such a maybe, for him, innocent gesture.
As the party went on I learned, that I wasn’t the only Couchsurfer there. Basically, the living room was filled with young CS girls and my host’s male-friends. All of the girls were staying on the floor -1, that I affectionately called a cellar.
Girls were absolutely fine with all these friendly cuddlings, stroking, slapping, kisses on the cheek…while I felt still a bit weird. But as wine started floating in my veins the situation began to become less and less uncomfortable.
– How long you’re here for? – a blonde long haired girl asked me.
– Just for 2 nights, it was a very last call request, you?
– I have my plane back to Russia tomorrow. But I’m not going, I’m gonna stay here, forever, right?- she finished while leaning back and smiling at my host. He stroked her hair and smiled back so the girl continued the conversation:
– Did you already have a photoshoot with XX?
– Nooo…..did you?
– Yes, but not naked.
<the curtain falls>
Just remember guys, it’s always worth to be a wealthy photographer, who can take amazing pictures. Cellar-girls approved 😉
Cellar-girls approved 😉



American house party


I really wanted to write a story about Max who took me under his roof for one night that turned to be the craziest one I had in NYC. But what to write? Should I mention, that I accidentally bumped into another girl I knew (oh small World) or maybe I owe at least two sentences to the excursion that took us on the rooftop where we ended up taking pictures and talking about life and death and everything.
There are places where the moment you touch the ground you feel like at home, that was one of them.
And so I finished my busy vacation and flew all the way to Sint Maarten with a one day transfer in Miami. But before I’m gonna dive back into the pool that’s facing the lavish villa I’ll be staying until tomorrow, some food hints.


Hipster essentials

Union Square


New Yummy City


For organic eaters and always on diet sufferers:
You can always go to Pret a Manger. Always fresh, always good, almost always open.


For bagel lovers:
Heaven’s hot bagel! (283 E Houston St # A, New York, NY 10002) . The venue might look a bit sketchy but the food is amazing. I fell in love with lox bagel. Sooooooo tasty I could marry it.

MUST TRY! Heaven’s hot bagels, Manhattan, Lox Bagel <3

Pizza is always a good option.
In NYC you can find many small places offering a basic margarita slice for as low as 99c. Any topping will cost you extra.
If you don’t want to end up roaming the streets in search for food google ARTICHOKE. It’s a chain of small pizzerias where you can eat a massive slice for $5. I wouldn’t recommend to even think about ordering two slices at once, and, believe me, I’m like Alf – with 8 stomachs, I can eat A LOT.


Mr. Burger
To pamper yourself with a decent piece of meat nicely placed in a soft but still crunchy bun you should visit Bare Burger.


Second shot: The smith on 55 3rd Ave. You won’t regret.

Bon Appetit!