Is there something like a travel-emotion junkie?

There must be because I guess that’s who I am.

I need my life to be like a book – but not the one that you lay aside after few pages, not the one that puts you to sleep, but the one that will keep you awake, even with a torch hiding under a quilt (do you remember doing this when parents were telling you to turn the light off?).

It is said that you get old when you think more about the past than the future.
And I want to be forever young.
That’s why instead of just waiting till mid-August for my next trip I decided to book a flight to Pizza and Pasta Kingdom – Italy.

My deep love for this country started a few years ago. I was a fitness instructor then and I went to Rome for my first international fitness convention. It was pure magic and explosion of endorphins – really! Two days spent in a beautiful Rome with temperament Italians, exercising 8 hours daily and having a dinner in the evening with all the participants. It was like a dream. The only problem I experienced was, that when Italians were getting drunk, they were stopping to understand English.

And so I made my decision – I need to learn Italian!

It took me 6 months of hard work to achieve it, one year to make it better – during this time I was visiting Italy almost every month – for learning purposes of course 😉
When I started travelling Asia it all stopped – I had no time to go back to my carbonara friends, but because of other attractions, I didn’t think about it too much….until the moment when I heard an Italian song while I was in Seoul. It all came back to me and then I realised my Italian heart (as my Italian folks used to say) needs some refuel. That I need to walk via Cavour once again because I miss it like crazy.

I knew that it’s the least reasonable thing to do before my long trip to both Americas, I was trying to convince myself that I should stay at my grandma’s place and save some money – but who said an Italian heart is reasonable.

It was a moment and I couldn’t stop it: yes, click, buy, yes, itinerary landed in my mailbox and….I cried. Tears of joy – without any warning. Who would suppose that after all these places I’ve been to I’m gonna still get so excited by buying 100 euro tickets to Rome?

10 days to go! I’m alive once again!

And even if sometimes I catch myself tangled in anxiety asking HOW? ME? WHAT IF? WHAT FOR? I try to get rid of it as soon as possible because the biggest bummer possible is not having your life lived to the fullest.

I’ve heard that maybe the brave do not live forever, but cautious do not live at all.


Seoul, 16th May 2016

Seoul, 16th May 2016

Tokyo, Shibuya crossing, 16th May 2016

Tokyo, Odaiba, 17th May 2016

Tokyo, Odaiba, Gundam, 17th May 2016

Tokyo, Akihabara Electric Town, 16th May 2016

Tokyo, Roppongi Sky Deck, 26th May 2016

Mount Fuji, 1st June 2016

Berlin, 7th June 2016