Tattoed Girl beach Isla Mujeres
– One to Cancun, please!
– A las nueve?
– No, now! As soon as possible!
– A las nueve.
          A lady behind the counter who’s face was unsullied by any emotion gave me a slip of paper that was supposed to be my ticket. It was 6:15 in the evening, and after a night in a hammock, a day full of exploring and a working one starting the latest at 5 am ahead, I was longing to bury my face in a warm and comfy bed in my Cancun residence. But who would suppose that out of the sudden half of the Merida population will be willing to follow the same direction?


Practice, practice…

          Angry and resigned I ordered some coffee, sat on the floor (because that was the only spot where my short cable was reaching the socket) and started swiping for some tinderian-Meridian wonders just to realise it was not the best time killer.
So I moved my tired ass all the way to the market square, but yet again i didn’t find anything interesting (besides some psycho who was throwing his hands in the air and probably all he was saying would blow my mind…if only I had known some Spanish…
I wasn’t even surprised coming back to the station and finding out that all of it was filled with hundreds and thousands of children any shape, colour and size, cheerfully screaming and scampering around grumpy me.  What’s more, on the bus, the seat next to me was occupied by the BIGGEST guy I’ve ever seen, who I believe should have bought two tickets instead of one…Everything was just wrong.


          I spent my whole journey tenderly hugging the window and maybe getting an hour of sleep. During lovely long walk between the station and home, I made some Monster Energy supplies because it was already obvious, that I wouldn’t make it early enough to crush in my bed even for an hour – straight to work babe! Embrace your lovely digital nomad life, that some of your friends still call a permanent vacation!
But even then, I wouldn’t even think about exchanging it to the regular 9-5 at the office.
After brave 8 hours I spent on drawing and supervising and whatever my responsibilities are, the day still wasn’t over.  Well, it was just the beginning of it!  Conscious or not, I had another cemetery to visit – the one one on Isla Mujeres.



          Uber, some shreds of conversation with a driver, ferry – I got there on my very last legs, to be pleasantly surprised: The cemetery was so alive! (if you can say so about this place) Whole families with lanterns, flowers; priests walking in between rainbow of graveyards crowned with pretty angels. It felt weird to get my camera out but I couldn’t help myself and they seemed as if they didn’t mind at all. No angry grandmas trying to show you that it’s a sacred place and you taking pictures are more that not welcomed. Peace, smile…they looked more as if they came there to have a chat with their relatives, to visit them. It was a happy event rather than a gloomy day wreathed in sorrow.



          I guess this attitude is so much better than the one I’ve noticed to be so common all around Europe, and not only there.
– Look – my grandma told me once when I couldn’t stop crying after my Mum died – she wouldn’t like to see you’re here unhappy. She was a wonderful person and now she’s in a better place, looking at you, protecting you. So don’t cry, smile, smile for her to be in a paradise we’ll all, hopefully, visit one day.



          Back to the world of alive, or maybe not, because I was literally done – the Dia de Los Muertos was about to come to an end and me, desperately lacking high-quality sleep didn’t even need any makeup to fit in. I forced myself to make a short walk, but it was more like watching a movie than actually participating in life that was happening around me. When you read that you can possibly even get the impression of what was going on in my head: Me. No. Longer. Think. Help. System. Shutting. Down.




          The map in the Uber app is absolutely gorgeous and entertaining the moment an ordered car is approaching you. But it’s not always like that in Mexico. The first car got lost on its way after 20 minutes of waiting for him and started going in an opposite direction just to cancel the trip a minute later. The second one – 5minutes – the same. Pissed off like a very tired and hungry woman can be I headed to the bus stop.
– Chica, taxi?
– No.
– Bus?
– Yes.
          Finally, heavens had some mercy on me so I didn’t have to wait too long for it. Checking the map while moving through the sleepy Cancun highways it even seemed that I was on the right one.
Tired. Hungry. Dying phone. No Hanal Pixan parade. No taxi. Poor me looked outside the bus window and…I couldn’t believe my eyes! Giant skeletons on stilts, sugar skulls, beautiful people dancing on the street just the way they were supposed to dance!
– Excuse me! Stop the bus, please!
          I jumped out for the first time not thinking at all how to cross a busy almost-highway, I just ran across it and there I was: in the middle of the parade among dancing La Calacas giving me marzipan and oranges. I just followed the crowd not complaining about empty stomach or weary legs anymore. Tears came to my eyes as I was observing the magic happening right in front of me. Another dream – checked.
The point of the whole story: if something is meant for you to happen – it will happen. You can try to chase it, to go to different cities, countries, continents, but the Universe knows better and can surprise you with what you’ve been looking for so far right here. Right at your door.
And travelling is not looking for or chasing something – it’s about learning.  Learning about the World and about yourself.



And some pictures that could have been awesome, but taken by surprise I didn’t have my lamp…