Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today… me, singing those words while walking with the delicate accompaniment  of my clicking high heels, towards the gate, with a bright and proud NEW YORK written on the screen above… Golden curls surrounding my face like a halo… Yeah, nice try, maybe one day. In reality, I was almost crawling through the check-in counters, nearly smashed by my lovely backpack just to find out it was oversized (oh really?) and because of that, I had to carry it to 3 different spots before I was able to wave it bye-bye. Fuck logic. Plus, who would care – I was going to New York!


Lower Manhattan

Wall Street


Snap back to reality.


When I was imagining myself in NYC I always thought I’d be amazed and overwhelmed by the beauty and size of the city, that never sleeps. Once again life showed me, that what it seems, it only seems, ant the reality is slightly different. New York turned out to feel like home: warm and welcoming. (The only thing I still cannot get used to is the fact, that while ordering the coffee they pronounce HOT like HAT.

me:  one soya milk latte please
barista: cold or hot?
m: hot.
b: cold?
m: h-o-t
b: AAAA, hat!


Brooklyn. My first US “hood” 😉


Midnight….pssst!….and the spell starts working


“Do you have your high heels with you?” he asked me, and wasn’t even surprised when I replied: “In my backpack? Always!”
Being well equipped and knowing the right people always pays off: I was invited to a club with an absolute free option: free entrance, free unlimited drinks.

How come?

It turned out, that all you have to do is: be a girl, have a pair of heels and a nice dress, plus – KNOW A PROMOTOR (this time – my Couchsurfing host). I’ve never come across something like that in my entire life, but it happens to be pretty common in NY: in order to provide a nice atmosphere to those, who booked a table for US$1000 or more, promoters look for people who would make the place more attractive only by being there and having a good time. Simple.
Fun fact number two.
What would you do, when after standing in line for the club you’d be declined by the bouncer because you don’t  have an appropriate dress. Or shoes. Or face.
(no, there’s no help for the last one)
Well, I’d turn around, mumbling some invectives about club and bouncers and went home proudly carrying some pizza and beer bought on the way. But this is me. What girls in NYC do? They go to 24/7 open H&M to buy new shoes and dresses and then come back!
Mind blown!
The evening ended in a marvellous apartment on the 42nd floor in lower Manhattan while listening to Justin Bieber and R’n’B (ohh kill me or give me some techno.
Struggling to bring my high heels and myself back home I took the wrong train. Sitting on the subway stairs and waiting for the next one to come I was encountered by a man in his late 50s:

– Hello princess, how are you?
I didn’t even manage to roll my eyes all the way when another one showed up:
– Hello, beautiful!
Guy number one: Hey, I was the one who was talking to her.
Guy number two: But what do you want?
G1: A dime!
G2: Ok, I’m gonna give you a dime just get lost.
G1: No, now I want a dollar, or five!
Fortunately, the train came so I just dashed between them and I was gone.


Manhattan by night


Another day, on the subway: I was explaining a kind of a quaint case to my friend while he was munching baby carrots dipped in hummus. While I was debating on how awkward it is, that in order to perform in a subway, you need to pass the casting first (urban legend), a shocked woman interrupted me halfway:
– OMG! – she exclaimed really surprised – YOU EAT VEGETABLES!



MUST TRY! Heaven’s hot bagels, Manhattan, Lox Bagel <3


Already on Sint Maarten, catching the planes (check google :>), NY part 2 sooner than part 1 (I had vacations and needed some rest from the PC…)
What it’s about?

Real American-teenager-house-party, the cellar filled with girls plus where to go, what to eat, what to eat and where to eat 🙂